Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Summer Orientation

I wallowed like hell today. Contemplation was the norm. But I came to a conclusion, after countless (read: a total of about one) hours of beating myself up: I've done much less wrong than I thought. I don't deserve hatred one bit, in other words.

I went to the summer orientation at UC Santa Cruz. I met a whole bunch of really friendly kids there. You lock eyes with someone for half a second and you've got a new friend, whether you have anything in common or not. I'm going to have such a great time making a new group of friends. I think the atmosphere was one of acceptability and the knowledge that we'll be living in the same community for 4 years so we might as well make the most of it.

I don't need to say it now that I pretty much live there: UC Santa Cruz is beautiful. My main method of transportation will probably be walking. And the fact that I only have 3 classes in a quarter will make for some ultra-calming walks through the forest settings. The whole place is like Muir Woods.

At the orientation I found out a lot about Porter, the college where I'll be staying. I got questions answered about dorm life. I got my photo ID taken. I found out a lot about my intended major, Film and Digital Media, and then I decided to ditch that major for Computer Science. I don't care to learn about Kubrick and his stupid films. I could rent something from the video store if I wanted to do that.

I also took a math placement exam. Gah, thinking math over the summer is hard. But I think I did okay. I'll probably get the second-to-most advanced class. It's all good. At least now I know I need to take math since I'll be doing CS.

This orientation was two days, so I slept in a dorm room for a night - we were also assigned one-night roommates, but despite my roommate's sleeping bag and clothes appearing in the room, he didn't appear to have slept in the room for the whole night. Wonder what happened to him. Maybe he got lost on the night hike and eaten by a deer.

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