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Everything closed so goddamn early today. It screwed with my plans. But after picking up some comics to scan and color from Brad, who's suffering from Wisdom-Teeth-Pull-Out-itis, I stopped off at Time Out and found that the MAX2 machine had been stripped of its memory. And in its place was one low score on Naoki Standard from ROB (White Rice) and 721 points to go until the machine was completely unlocked. God shit it.

But I decided to make the most of my stuffs and found that playing Dance Freaks helps me with my doubles, or movement in general. I p4wned Trip Machine Luv Mix and Paranoia Max. And then I went for another credit, aiming to go for 4 Kakumeis to work on Kidou 2, when I remembered that neither Kakumei nor Kidou 2 were unlocked. So I went for one of the only onis available - Paranoia Brothers. I expected to lose really fast, but instead I found myself just churning through all 5 Paranoias, with a final score of 91.8%. ME = PRAUD

Then I zoomed over to the fair, where I found myself waiting at the wrong entrance for 15 minutes, then waiting with Amelia and Allison for James for another 15 minutes, then realizing that James too was probably waiting at the wrong entrance, and retrieving him, taking about another 15 minutes.

With nothing to really do in the fair we simply hung out for a while, when we were approached by a whole buncho people (Cole, Geoff, Sophie, Brendan from TL, and two other Drake kiddos). I didn't know Sophie came back from vacation, actually. So we spent the whole fair walking around aimlessly and ending up not going on any rides (besides the ferris wheel), which was fine by me.

One booth was an anti-abortion group that backs their morals on the Bible and hands out to-scale plastic 12-week-old FETUSES to show what those BARBARIAN surgeons end up killing. We had our usual arguments against them, like what if someone becomes pregnant against their will, and is it better to have a child brought into the world unwanted, but I definitely had something to add -

Posted up against the wall was a montage of pictures of fetuses at different stages of development. One picture was of a womb which had been removed from a woman, where a small hand was poking out of a hole and holding onto a surgeon's glove. This picture was meant to show how awful the surgeons treat the fetuses and how the fetuses "grasp" for live as they're being aborted. Well, I had something to say about that picture -

It's famous, if'n the people at the booth didn't know. That picture, which they claimed to show the horrors of abortion, really portrayed surgeons removing a fetus from the womb to correct a physical defect, place it back in the womb, and wait until it is born correctly. The whole procedure behind the picture was shown to prevent an abortion. So basically, the people at the booth were showing the "horrors" of something that was actually SAVING a life. Being learned sure does feel nice.

Sophie was itching for DDR the whole day, so a whole bunch of us headed to Time Out after waiting for James to show up (he had gone off with Levi, Betty, Simon, et al). Unfortunately when we got there, the mall had closed early, and the last Time Out employee was shutting down the arcade. Yet when we got there the doors were open and there was one machine still on - Dance Freaks. So I got to face off against him and p4wn him at Afronova Primeval (I uh, failed twice at it but I still failed less than him).

But everyone else was really bored since the DDR machine wasn't on, so I dropped half of the people back off at the fair, while Sophie, Geoff, Cole and I tried going to Starbase. (Yes, there were 7 people in my car for a short time.) When we got there, we found that YES! They WERE open on July 4!

...until 4 PM.

...which is when the customers actually start showing up.

...meaning it was open for 4 hours today and no one came.

That was uberdisappointing but we ended up eating our worries away at Quiznos. I must try a sandwich there next time I go there - I just had soup'n'soda...

Yeah. So then we found ourselves at Allison's house, where we tried to hang out at a neighbor's party. It got boring. I suggested going to San Francisco and hanging at RTA, which Sophie saw as a good idea, but it just wasn't feasible since I had to drive a lot of other people home later (and James, too, who can now drive - if he went with me there would be NO cars). I just love being the chaperone, blaugh.

So instead we just hiked up a mountain to get a REALLY nice view of Terra Linda, where we watched the fireworks. It's really interesting to see fireworks from above where they explode, and being so far away, too - the sound gets to you about 2 seconds after you see it.

To save myself from another big mess, I won't get into specifics about what sort of stuff was going on as we watched the fireworks, but I'll tell ya, it's all such juicy material. Oho.

Then I accented the mellow music as I drove Sophie, Geoff+Cole, and myself home. Coldplay = rox as usual. So yeah, today was a really good day. Omgfuns...

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