Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Check out this week's My Turn in Newsweek for an article on Marin County (where I live, you dolt). The writer Jim Kennedy defends Marin, as we all have, against recent accusations that Marin's "hideously" tolerant atmosphere is breeding ground for terrorists, like John Walker Lindh (whose family's next-door neighbor was my sister's babysitter!). He does so in a nice fashion, but I'd take his standpoint even farther. I don't live in Fairfax, where Lindh grew up, but rather in the county's capital, San Rafael, and I barely see any signs of extreme liberalism at all. The two schools in San Rafael are as normal as can be. While there may be a few more Democrats than Republicans, almost everyone pigs out on McDonald's and Jamba Juice and listens to the same stuff as anywhere else, and we have as many communists as in any other school, tee hee. And while I can't back this up since I've never gone to any other school outside the San Francisco Bay Area, I can say this: our school's facilities suck.

But maybe that's just because everyone spends too much money on SUVs :D (Damn, I just completely ruined my point, didn't I?)


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