Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

I changed the colors of the site a bit. Now the light blue matches the rest of the background, and the dark blue matches the blue border around the whole site. Now, I need to submit my site to the fair before Friday, or I won't be guaranteed a Best of Show in the Marin County Fair yeehee.

My dad is forcing me to be responsible and completely cutting off my internet connection during the afternoons, until he returns home and monitors me like a hawk. I could easily find the cable modem and plug it back into the wall, but instead I think I'll obey his totalitarian rules and do offline things instead, that I can put online when I have the chance :D

I will please the geek universe by making a model of a caffiene molecule. I've already put it together with proportionately sized styrofoam balls and sticks. Now I just need to paint it, and turn it in to Chemistry for 10 whoppin' points of extra credits. Hooray.

M - I - C you later! - K - E - Y? because YOU SUCK
M - O - O - S - Eeeeeeehhhhh because meese are Canadian and WTF goip gome-owf, wef.

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