Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

This weekend has had its share of sucking and rocking.

Periodic Table of How Things Are:


Su2Ro - Disuck Roxide
1g Su2Ro = 8.012 amu Su, 16.033 amu Ro
% Su = 33%
% Ro = 66%

Thank you, thank you.

I started off the week by buying earrings for my mom, since it was her birthday. I liked them - they were sterling silver with 5 different colored stones - and they were half off at Macy's, so they were only $25. I met her at Fresh Choice, a west-coast salad bar, and had a small birthday party with some of her other friends. Rock.

Then we were off to Terra Linda High School, where my good ol' drama friends were putting on the last production of the year - Bon Bons From the Bard. It's an original play written by this supergenius student, Jesse Brownstein, in which an English acting company is forced to put on the worst "Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors" EVER under the direction of an American, uh, director. It was hilarious, and the funniest part is that my sister actually laughed more than I did. Oh wait, maybe that means it's childish. Or it could just mean that I have no sense of humor. Yeah, that's it. Rock.

After the play, I met some of Steve's friends. They all planned to go watch a movie, and I volunteered to drive some people. They ended up deciding not to go see a movie at the last minute, and I was stuck driving out of my way to drop people off at home. Suck.

But I got home, and the internet was cut off by my dad, as usual. Isn't that barbaric? He sees that as the only way for me to succeed in life, or something. But fortunately, I had downloaded Clerks a while ago, and got to watching it. And I'll tell you, it freaking Rocked.

The next day came my Japanese final, and I did much better than last year (in which I took a look at the damn thing and forfeited the class). It was really an in-and-out procedure - I took the test and that was the last I'll ever see of my Japanese class again. Farewell, I guess. 3Ro6Su5?? Can't balance equation!! YOU GET AN F BLAUGHLAUGH

I stopped off at TL again where Pride Day was going on. Pride Day is where kids get community service hours (and work off detention if applicable) by renovating the school's courtyard and repairing other random stuff around the place. I was only able to stay for an hour, because Japanese class has overlapped all the Pride Days for the entire year. Suck.

So I went to my mom's house and helped her paint some window sills. I then went back to TL where James was waiting for me. We in turn would wait over an hour for Steve and Felix, who said they'd been waiting for us somewhere else, or something. Suck.

But our plan was to drive over to the nearby city of Larkspur, where we'd eat at the upscale French restaurant Left Bank. We'd speak French the whole way through, though, and we'd film ourselves. This was for a project in James and Steve's French class. Some sort of extra credit thing. But unfortunately, Steve's tape he brought was defective, so we had to drive over to the nearest Good Guys to get another one. Suck.

But when we finally got the tape and went to the restaurant, God DAMN was the food good. We all ended up having Onion Soup au Gratin ("wit de grated cheese y0"), and I had this weird but GOOD bowl of shredded crab with cheese and breadcrumbs. And we got to shout "Vote Wang" into the camera (I'll talk about that later). Rock.

But were our adventures in film over? No! We filmed this amazing chase scene on the freeway where I passed Felix's car, and in turn, I smashed into the wall and died. Very much fun. We arrived in Downtown San Rafael and danced our asses off on DDR. I have footage of Steve dancing - and seeing that he's Steve, the Max Payne lookalike who looks down on anything coated in a shade over 50% luminosity, it's a big step for him. Steve and Felix showed James and me this new place that I'd never seen on 4th Street - this LAN game center that charges only $5/hour. Maybe I'll try it out if I get the hang of Counter-Strike. Rick.

And then my dad called and wondered why I didn't come home at 1:00 like I promised. I got home and wasn't allowed to go to my friend Jeff's birthday party the next day. Sock.

And today, I woke up bright and early to take a tour of the Ex'pression Center for New Media in Emeryville. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. It was as amazing as I thought it would be - if not more. It has its own 3-D motion capture studio, state-of-the-art computers completely owned by the president of the school, and simply amazing professors that know, like, EVERYTHING about what I've been doing for the past 5 years. I showed a few of them my website and they liked it (although they were probably just being nice). The only problems are: 1) it's not a real college and 2) it's DAMN expensive. $32,900 for a 14-month program in which you may or may not get a Bachelor's degree depending on whether you've had general education or not. So I'll probably just go to a regular college and major in digital graphic design there. Alas, poor Ex'pression Center... But anyway, ROCK. SCISSOR. PAPER.

And then I went home and "studied Chemistry" for the rest of the day. Suck.

Anyone tired of the one-word analysis after each paragraph? Well, good news. This blog's over. Rock.

Just kidding. Suck.

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