Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Okay, assheads. Here's the deal. We're making this completely insane offer that you would be rather lazy (and STUPID) to pass up. You get a tape of James, Steve, Felix and me running around Marin talking French for $3 (this includes shipping which probably costs more than that)... and when you're done with it, you get a free videocassette to record over. I mean HELL, taking off the shipping costs, this is a completely free tape, with completely free footage.

Now why the hell WOULDN'T you want this? Tell me, please. I mean it, give me a comment with a coherent explanation. And I'm telling you, the footage is FUNNY. James is even probably going to include some MvC2 footage.

So just click the little PayPal button and lay down 3 measly dollars along with your shipping address, and you'll recieve the tape. Just consider it a must-have for the even casual JeffreyAtW reader.

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