Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Uh... Beat AZHP Scorewise

Yeah, I'm trying to have crazy DDR accomplishments for all of my titles for my outings. I bet you got that by now.

This morning I noticed I didn't have any plans for the day. I figured I'd try to get some Let's Dancing #50 animation out of the way while talking to Steve about where my computer parts might be... for a minute or two.

But then Sophie got the urge to go to San Francisco and it was like the best idea evar, so before we knew it, we rounded up a rag-tag group of travelers at Starbase (her, Geoff, me) and went on our way.

Well to back up for a sec, I arrived at Starbase at 12. Starbase opens at 11:30, but come on, it's not like anyone ever really waits at the entrance. So I got to see Bob drive in, turn all the machines on, and set up the arcade for yet another day of business. It was really cool to see all the machines starting up, and making those low "bloop" noises to check the sound cards, and to watch the 5th Mix and Extreme machines race each other (5th Mix so freaking won by a lot). I think I'd really enjoy working at an arcade as some kind of summer job... too bad I got no reply to my application to Time Out.

Yeah, and Cole watched me play DDR and said that I was way too good at it. So he said goodbye to Geoff and us and we left for SF.

You don't know how great it feels when you can find your way around San Francisco. It's as if the possibilities have all opened up to you at once and you can do anything. We wanted to go to Japantown first. No problem! It's on Geary! You just have to wait until you hit the street on Van Ness!

At Japantown, we checked out some anime titles (including some hentai titles, one of which had simply had a giant vaginal opening illustrated on the cover), I bragged about owning the really big-name ones, and Sophie ended up buying the Lain soundtrack. We took a look around an auto shop, where I contemplated turning my car into a RICE ROCKET, YO!

Speaking of that, where the hell did all this Initial D come from? Ever since I've been complaining about the horrible artwork in the video game, all these animes, mangas, DVDs, and car accessories based on it have been appearing. All it looks like to me is some stupid shonen cartoon with really ugly guys in it.

We (or more likely, I, who was the only hungry one) ate at Isobutane, or something Japanese that sounds like that, where you serve yourself by taking the sushi off of the little rotating floating boats. I like the color-coded price idea. I kept it under $20, fortunately. :P

INTERMISSION: Watching myself on the webcam is probably the most fun for me than anyone else watching. *waves*

So after lunch we looked at some magazines in the Japanese book store (and Sophie looked for a "got soy?" t-shirt, since they had "got rice" and "got sushi"), we didn't buy anything, and we left, yo.

Next stop was a comic store down the street, which had been recommended to Sophie. Yet again, I didn't buy anything, but Geoff got some Vasquez stuff and Sophie got some Mahfood stuff (as well as some comics about LESBIANS!). Nostalgia hit as I saw "vintage" episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog on display - I remember buying those comics when they were new. Anyone else remember the cover with a time-lapse picture of Sonic running through a loop and his facial expression changing every time?

Seeing as we had not much else to do, our next stop was, of course, RTA, where I saw AZHP, back from his vacation to Japan. I guess he was having a bad DDR day, since he got *gasp!* over 30 GREATS on xenon! How horrible is that? :P

Yeah, and pertaining to the title, I kept a better combo than him on stoic, although he of course beat me Perfect-wise. Uh, great.

So, the three of us got some clam-based dinner product, I bought CHOCOLATE ROCKS!, and I drove'em home, as they were engulfed in their silly comic books. Pfeh.

So today was a day that certainly did not go to waste. I am proud.

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