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That's it.

It's over... no more... I'm not going to take it.

They said they'd change. I told them over, and over, and over. But still, they play with me as if I'm an insignificant little speck, devoid of any respect they might decided to belch out at me. I don't have to be treated this way. There's no fucking way I'm going to stand it.

miluda agrees with me - they've gone over the edge and there's no turning back. Day after day, they mock me, thinking that I'll come back to them with a new outlook, ready for a fresh start. But even then, they shut me down.

It's fucking wrong to play with someone's emotions like this. And I think they know they're doing it. There's no stopping it, and I'm just not going to deal with it anymore.

So I'm saying goodbye.

Goodbye to my dining hall's undercooked hard-boiled eggs.
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