Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

FC+AA End Of The Century, Healing Vision Angelic Mix, So Deep

I signed up for my college courses for next quarter... and it looks like I'll be sitting for one hell of a long time on MWF - I have three lectures on those days. Fortunately Tuesday and Thursday are basically study/homework days, with discussions and other kinds of tutoring sessions in the evening. I'm taking a Porter College core course, which touches on the arts, Math 19A, which is the most advanced Calculus class one can take due to a very high score on the placement exam, and Introduction to Programming, since I'm starting off on my intended Computer Science major.

Lots of stuff happened with my mouth today. First of all, I scheduled an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed a month from now. That'll be swell. I also went to the dentist, where I had my gums horribly mangled. Augh, the pain. Fortunately, my current dentist doesn't use the twirly brush thingy on your GUMS, where you really don't need them cleaned - just the teeth... but there was a heck of a lot of scraping along the gum borders. I guess I should submit to the pressure and just start flossing.

After not being able to eat/drink for an hour since I had this flouride foam stuff in my mouth for quite some time, I headed over to Time Out (we should start to refer to it as TO, it's a defined acronym anyway), where I tested some songs that need to be Oni'd. I found that FCing End of the Century is quite easy, so I guess I will try the Classic oni pretty soon... and since I was feeling really good, I did both So Deep and Healing Vision Angelic Mix as my last songs, where I so freaking surprised myself with full combos on each. The songs have 500 and 501 steps respectively so I fainted with joy (jumping would not be possible after that) when I heard the guy go "500 combo!" But I sucked at the Extra Stage after both of them, needless to say.

Yeah. Had gym. Couldn't focus on lifting things because my gums were so sore. After gym, I brought my car over to the full car cleaning station, where for the first time in about 5 the interior of the car was cleaned. It's... so pretty... and it smells like vanilla, too. I also got a bunch of crap out of the car, and noticed that Sophie left her Lain soundtrack in my car and that Geoff left his sunglasses there... being organized feels so good.

I should be working on Let's Dancing comics and LD #50 as well right now, but Brad's recovered from the wisdom teeth procedure enough to head down to Starbase. He's moving to New Zealand soon, it seems, so I don't see why I'd pass up a few rounds of DDR with a fellow LD artist. So everyone go there tnoight if you can. I (and maybe James too) will give that Classic oni what-for!

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