Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


No, the title does not mean that I touched that piece of shit song. Augh, not on my grave... maybe in Nonstop Random, but not on my grave.

Come to think of it, I have touched on this before - I'm not a very emotional person. I can bored, sleepy, and energetic, but I'm never saddened by anything disappointing that might have happened, nor am I ever so giddy that my head explodes. I'm down-to-earth and I take things in stride. Sound egotistical? Well, let's look at it this way -

Now look at all the bloggers who keep talking about how their life sucks. How something small is going wrong and they feel like hanging themselves because of it. They go on and on, asking why everything bad has to happen to them; why no one pays attention to them; them, them, them, them.

Here's the difference, though! Let's say I were to boast about something I recently did or something that recently happened to me. Lots of people would say "ah, shut up, go back to your fantasy land where people care and leave us alone," as if the fact that I can be humorous in a time of despair makes me a horrible person.

But then the more emotional person would go on about their problems and why everything bad happens to them, and of course they don't get a "shut up and be sad" - they get sympathy. And this sympathy causes a rise in the person's esteem, and popularity among those who sympathize.

So basically, I'm saying that it's often that when people complain, they're liked more. It's basically asking for attention, and while I don't think people should keep their emotions quiet, I think that people who don't turn their lives into drama should also be appreciated for what else they do in their time.

Even more basically: I be ego-man 'cause I have no probs.

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