Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Well that's just fucking WEAK

Guess what? A certain file in the KaZaA Downloads Folder attracted my sister's eye today because of its cute little blue script picture on the icon. Get my drift?

All of my MP3s and JPGs, among other things, are gone or good as gone.

While we were away eating some food during the time we all call dinner (except for some who call it supper), my computer was being busy busy turning every single media file on my computer into a Virtual Basic Script. This is unrecoverable since the data has been written over. So yup, tens of thousands of media files are gone.

This isn't a horribly terrible thing, though. I've deleted all malicious files and any instances of them from the Registry, and most of my vital pictures and things are online, anyway. And it didn't touch South Park the Movie, so I'll still be able to enjoy that.

DAMN YOU, Shakira. If it wasn't for you and your manipulation of the tastes of preteen girls, you would have never gotten my sister to open a VBS disguised as your song.


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