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jeffreyatw's Journal

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Jeffrey Carl Faden
26 December 1985
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  • I'm a web developer living in San Francisco.
  • I don't necessarily add people back if they add me. My friends page is a pretty busy place so I try to read stuff that is important/interesting to me. No offense intended. Besides, I don't post friends-only stuff - you're not missing anything.
  • I'm a liberal, humanist, atheist Jew.
  • There are no prepositions that I end a sentence with.
  • DDR/ITG: Single 9, Double 8
  • beatmania/IIDX: Single 9, Double 4
  • pop'n: 28
  • It's pronounced Ay-Tee-Double-You.
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    air, amon tobin, animation, aphex twin, apple, arfenhouse, arizona tea, atheism, basement jaxx, bay area, beatmania, beatmania iidx, bemani, blonde redhead, california, calvin and hobbes, car, cartoons, cats, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, chrono trigger, comics, cornelius, cowboy bebop, daft punk, dance dance revolution, ddr, diesel sweeties, digg, dj taka, driving, e-zone, electronica, existentialism, fatboy slim, feeling fat and sassy, ffxi, final fantasy, fingathing, fint, firefox, flash, fog, four tet, friends, gadgets, game music, girly, good-cool, google, graphic design, graphic novels, happy hardcore, hardware, honda, honesty, html, humanism, hybrid, iidx, indietronica, introversion, ipod, irc, itunes, japan, japanese, jeffreyatw, judaism, karaoke, katamari damacy, konami, let's dancing, linux, machinae supremacy, marin county, meat, microsoft, movies, mp3s, music, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, not smoking, orange lounge, outphase, pants, parappa the rapper, pendulum, penny arcade, pete & pete, philosophy, playstation, pork chop sandwiches, porn, porter college, procrastination, ps2, radiohead, rain, reason, rjd2, rpgs, röyksopp, san francisco, san rafael, santa cruz, sarcasm, seafood, sega, singing, sleeping, snowblading, something awful, space tree, square enix, starbase, strong bad, stumbleupon, sudoku, sushi, taq, techno, tetsuya nomura, the avalanches, the chemical brothers, third eye blind, truthfulness, ubuntu, uc santa cruz, ucsc, underworld, video games, voice acting, web design, web development, webcomics, wendy, wikipedia, windows, yasunori mitsuda, yoko kanno, you, your mom, zero 7,

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